How Much Is Cvs Sports Physical (2024)

1. School Sports Physicals | MinuteClinic - CVS

  • Do you need to complete a sports physical to participate in school athletics? Get a pre-participation physical at MinuteClinic. Schedule an appointment ...

  •® is not available to customers or patients who are located outside of the United States or U.S. territories. We apologize for any inconvenience.

2. Walk-in Clinic Price List | MinuteClinic - CVS

3. [PDF] Local Sports Physical Locations

  • Sports Physicals: $39 (normally $60)* - through. September. -----. CVS Minute Clinic. 765 South Lindsay Road. Gilbert, AZ 85296. (866) 389-2727

4. Where to get discounted sports physicals before the new school year

  • 2 aug 2019 · ... looking to join a school team. CVS, Walgreens and urgent care clinics all offer sports physicals but will generally cost between $30-$50.

  • Most clinics and pharmacies are getting you ready for back-to-school by offering sports physicals for students looking to join a school team. CVS, Walgreens and urgent care clinics all offer sports physicals but will generally cost between $30-$50.

5. MinuteClinic Provides Discounted Care to Special Olympics Athletes

  • ... CVS Pharmacy and Target locations, and receive a sports physical at the discounted rate of $49, no appointment necessary.*. This promotion provides all ...

  • To make it easier for Special Olympics athletes to access lower cost, high-quality care, MinuteClinic is working with Special Olympics to provide sports physicals at a discounted rate.

6. [PDF] 2022 School and Sports Physicals Resource Guide CRESTVIEW

  • Crestview, FL 32539. (850) 682-1002 $89. $69. No. No. *Must bring health and immunization history. Walk-in or hold your place in line through the online clinic.

7. CVS Offers Walk-in Sports Physicals - Pharmacy Times

  • 19 mei 2011 · CVS Offers Walk-in Sports Physicals. May 19, 2011 ... cost is $59). Read more. Community/Retail ... physical exam that includes a check of vital ...

  • Pharmacy Times offers the latest news and insights for the pharmacy professional and solutions that impact the everyday practice of pharmacy.

8. ATHLETICS / Sports Physical Clinics - Santa Ana Unified School District

  • Sports Physical Clinics ... 1332 W. 1 st St Santa Ana, CA 1-714-542-2397. Cost $55 *Must bring physical form ... CVS MinuteClinic: 14330 Culver Drive, Irvine, CA ...

How Much Is Cvs Sports Physical (2024)


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